Painting of a cat in watercolor – The Yawn

For my first post here on this blog, i want to show my cat. She’s my faithful companion who shows some paws in almost every video. I’ve already painted many watercolor portrait of her like a yawn. I love it so much that i framed it and hang it in my living room. So i decided to make another version of it !

This blog is a support for my video. i’ll include here the supplies i’ve used of course, but also my reference image, my sketches (if there’s any) and some details of my work. I hope to show a bit more of my process during a watercolor painting. And for this painting, my reference image is a picture of my cat that i took very quickly when she was yawning. Hard to get a nice picture of it as the action is so quick. But with a painting i can always improve the background at least !

With this picture, i’ve realized a very quick sketch. My goal is here to have an idea of the lines i need for my watercolor. It’s a good time to identifie the guidelines who will help me to get better proportions. For example, her nose is a straight vertical line. The point of the nose, the chin and the point of her tongue are aligned. The mouth has a structure with a lot of triangles in it… and so on. I also take a time to identifie the dark and light areas. That’s why i like to draw on tinted paper as i can add white in the lightest areas.

The process in video of this watercolor painting

Although the audio is in french, subtitles are always available in english in every video. You just have to activate them in settings of the video !

Le bâillement // peindre un chat à l'aquarelle

Liste du matériel :
Pinceaux : Escoda Aquario nº18, Raphaël 803 nº2.
Papier : Canson Héritage grain torchon
Couleurs : Teinte neutre (Winsor & Newton), Lavande (Daniel Smith), Terre de Sienne brûlée (Schmincke), Bleu outremer (Daniel Smith), Alizarine cramoisie permanente (Daniel Smith), Verona gold ochre (Daniel Smith), Gouache blanche (Winsor & Newton).

Et voici l’aquarelle terminée et l’aquarelle d’origine qui m’a inspirée cette nouvelle version (cliquez sur les images pour les agrandir) :

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