Paintings fluid tulips in watercolor

This week i wanted to paint some of the bouquet you can see below, the tulips especially ! Tulips are a subject i’ve tried some time ago and i found it very hard. it’s a very simple flower but yet very specific. There is some stiffness in the stem, in the way the flower hang, […]

Painting irises in watercolor

A few weeks ago i did a live on my french channel about spontaneous painting. I ended this live with a painting of irises without planning it ! So i wanted to paint them again for this week’s video as they are available ritght now at my florist ! I’m very sorry that i don’t […]

I’m painting in the shop of a florist in barcelona !

Since november of 2020, i’m painting live on tuesdays on my french channel and for the first live of 2020 i decided to paint a bouquet of flowers. I went in a florist in my neigbourhood and picked up a bouquet. Few days later the community manager from the brand saw my picture on Instagram […]

Painting with watercolor, one layer only !

This week i want to showcase a technique that will help you to loosen up a little more and get a more expressive and spontaneous result. For the subject, i reused a bouquet i got for a live session on my french channel but i looked at it with another angle, another point of view. […]

Painting rhododendron buds in watercolor

This week i wanted to paint rhododendron again, but this time at a diferent stage of blooming ! As you can see in my reference picture above, these flower buds are really light and airy. If i want this king of effect in my watercolor i can either paint everything light with a lot of […]

Painting winter hellebores in watercolor

This week i wanted to go back to a subject i tried almost two years ago : winter hellebores. I studied this subject with watercolor pencils. And even i was very pleased with the result i never went back to do a proper painting on this same subject. The work was half done thanks to […]

Painting a harbor in watercolor

This week i’m goind outside my comfort zone, but that’s for painting an image i wanted to paint for quite some time : this view of Barcelona’s harbor from Montjuïc. Above you can have a peak at my creative process. Firts my reference image, second a really tiny study and last the more abstract painting […]

Painting cyclamens in watercolor

For this week, back to flowers with cyclamens ! I don’t really have any reference picture for this painting because i was inspired by all the cyclamens i was able to see in the flowers shop. These plants are really particular in the way the petals are attached to the stem. It make them delicate […]

Painting an icy river in watercolor

Painting an icy river in video Supplies :Brushes : Último nº18, Raphaël petit gris 903 nº12, Silver Brush Black velvet 1/4″ dagger shape.Paper : Canson Héritage hot pressed.Colors : Indigo (Isaro), Transparent red oxide (Daniel Smith), Icy lake (Isaro), Light grey (Isaro). And here you have the finished painting (Clic to enlarge) :

Painting mistletoe in watercolor

This week i was inspired by a live i’ve done on my french channel about mistletoe ! Above, my inspiration from the live Painting mistletoe in video Supplies :Brushes : Escoda Último nº18, Silver brush black velvet 1/4″, Raphaël petit gris 903 nº12.Paper : Arches rough.Colors : Indigo (Isaro), Prussian blue (Isaro), Manganese blue (Daniel […]