Spring sky in watercolor – ENGLISH VERSION

For this week, i’ve prepared a video with quite a different subject frome the couple last ones and much more darker : a spring sky.

With a very cloudy and cold spring here in Stockholm this year, i have a bunch of inspiring pictures of dark skies. So today my reference picture is coming from one of my favorite spot, the botanic garden. I went there with the intent to sketch on location some flowers, but i prefered to paint this dark sky. It was moving very fast, there were a lot of wind this day but i loved instantanely the dark clouds but with still some blue sky peaking through.

To paint on location is quite complicated for me, so i have a tendency to over simplifiyng everything, even more than i’m used to. It was 16ºC this day with wind so i didn’t want to stay sitting for a long time and i try to paint very quickly. You can have a look to the result in the picture below. It was a nice start like a study but too much simplifyed. This study was though very useful for this week’s video ! I had already a good idea in mind, i did know what colors i wanted to use, what kind of brush marks i wanted…

Watercolor spring sky in video

Spring sky in watercolor - ENGLISH VERSION

Supplies :
Brush : Escoda aquario nº18.
Paper : Canson Héritage rough.
Colors : Cobalt blue (Schmincke), Cerulean blue (Daniel Smith), Yellow ochre (Daniel Smith), Rose madder lake (Sennelier), Lunar blue (Daniel Smith), Indigo (Winsor & Newton), Payne’s grey (Sennelier).

And here you have the finished painting (click to enlarge) :

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