Portrait of a pine tree in watercolor

This week i’m painting a pine tree !

A pine tree is a lot of different texture. There is the pine needles, but painting them one by one is not an option for me because i’m not aiming for realisme. And there is the trunk with the heavy bark texture. Here again i don’t want something to realistic. my goal is to have a lot of expressive brush strokes and having the right details in the right places. Everything else can just be suggestive.

The most important thing i’ve learn this week is that i can put a painting aside for some time. I can take this opportunity to observe and take my time to figure out what’s the next step. Take time to observe, to decide if it’s done or if it needs something else. I’m used to finsih a painting in a day, because i know if i take a break i won’t come back to it. But taking a short break and keeping the painting in mi sight might be a good solution for me.

Painting a pine tree in video

Portrait of a pine tree in watercolor - ENGLISH VERSION

Supplies :
Brushes : Escoda Último nº18, Rosemary & Co serie 39 1/2″, Rosemary & Co R9.
Paper : Arches rough.
Colors : Indanthrene blue (Sennelier), Manganese blue (Daniel Smith), Nickel azo yellow (Daniel Smith), Yellow ocre (Daniel Smith), Aussie red gold (Daniel Smith), Burnt sienna (Daniel Smith).

And here you have the finished painting (click to enlarge) :

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