Discover Aussie red gold

I’m talking about two new colors i bought in a couple of past videos now : Nickel azo yellow and aussie red gold. So this week i’ll talk a bit more about the second one et i’ll show you how i test a new color.

Even if i’m testing a new color, i need a reference picture ! and i choose this one with quite a nice flower. I can’t remember the name at all, but the color is kinda like this aussie red gold. And like the last video, my goal is not at all being realistic and make the flower recognizable, it’s more about having fun and paint what i see with also what i feel. And it makes the perfect subject for color testing !

In this test i’m looking at three capacity that interest me the most : color transparency, gradient possibility (getting highly saturated color, but also very soft and subtil one) and mixing capacity. And while painting thiw watercolor, i was able to check all this capacities ! Aussie red gold is a very transparent color very similar on that point with quinacridone gold. I can get very soft gold tones and when i’m saturating the color way more i get a powerful orangy gold tone ! I love that kind of color where the tone evolve with the saturation. I’ve tested only two mixes : a green with indanthrene blue and a neutral color by adding some violet. And it’s a great success ! I like in particular the different light i get with greens. It’s like the orange hue is piking through the color.

Discover Aussie red gold in video

Discover aussie red gold - ENGLISH VERSION

Supplies :
Brush : Escoda Aquario nº18.
Paper : Canson Héritage rough.
Colors : Indanthrene blue (Sennelier), Quinacridone gold (Daniel Smith), Rose madder lake (Sennelier), Aussie red gold (Daniel Smith).

And here you have the finished painting (click to enlarge) :

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