Cat eyes in watercolor

A couple of weeks ago, I’ve received a request from a viewer asking to focus a video on cat eyes and how to enhance them. And it’s done with this week’s video !

I don’t have any sketches to share for this video, but here you have at least the reference image. As i want to paint the eyes before anything else, i’ve chosen a fairly simple picture. My cat has blue eyes. So her eyes will stand out more than golden or brown eyes (and i do like those color too ;)). But i think that the advices given in the video are suitable for all kind of iris’ colors. And they are also suitable for animal and humans !

I’ve shared also some watercolor sketches i’ve done before, from my cat but also a human eye. I try to be sometimes looser but also sometimes more detailed and neat. When i work on a subject i try to explore the most i can. Trying different technique or style will help me to get the image i want.

Tips to succeed in painting cat eyes with watercolor

Eyes are a 3D object and as all 3D objects they get shadows and lights. Depending on the direction of the light, the lid will cast a shadow on the iris. And as the eyes are wet, they will reflect a lot of light in some parts.

In order to make light colored eyes stands out, just add darker color around it. It will create a strong contrast. And don’t forget to paint what you see and not what you know you see!

Cat eyes in watercolor

Focus sur les yeux d'un chat à l'aquarelle

Brushes : Escoda Aquario nº18, Raphaël 803 nº2.
Paper : Arches rough
Colors : Neutral tint (Winsor & Newton), Ultramarine blue (Daniel Smith), Verona gold ochre (Daniel Smith), Lavander (Daniel Smith), Burnt sienna (Schmincke).

And here you have the final painting and a detail (click to enlarge):

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