Painting with the Tundra set from Schmincke

Colors are what i like the most in watercolor ! I have quite a big collection and i love to try new ones. I can’t use all of them on a regular basis but i can’t help myself when i see beautiful new colors… So today i wanted to show you the tundra set from Schmincke.

This Tundra set is part of the super granulating collection and this particular set is made with beautiful colors that are perfect for landscape. So in order to show you these colors i decided to paint some hills from the french alpes ! In my reference picture above, you can see that there is a lot of colours and a lot of contraste. I will have to find that kind of contrate in my painting too !

For my painting, i decided to work my subject in quite a minimalistic view so that i can see how these colors are working together and i can enjoy the most of the granulating effect.

Painting with the Tundra set from Schmincke in video

Painting with the Tundra set from Schmincke

Supplies :
Pinceaux : Escoda Último 1/2″ oval, Escoda 1″ flat.
Paper : Arches rough.
Colors : Bleu tundra, violet tundra, rose tundra, orange tundra, vert tundra (Schmincke).

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