Painting greeting cards in watercolor, 2020 edition

Christmas is near ! We can already think about ornaments, gifts and festivities ! This year is really an odd one as lots of people won’t be with their families for the holidays. So why not sending greetings with a lovely card ? Like each year i propose three cards easy to paint in watercolor.

Painting greeting cards in video

Painting greeting cards in watercolor, 2020 edition

Supplies :
Brushes : Raphaël petit gris 903 nº12, Rosemary & Co Éclipse round nº4.
Paper : Canson Héritage hot pressed.
Colors : Indanthrene blue (Sennelier), Nickel azo yellow (Daniel Smith), Winsor red (Winsor & Newton), Sodalite genuine (Daniel Smith), Indigo (Schmincke), Opaque white (Schmincke), Iridescent copper (Daniel Smith).

And here you have the finished paintings (Click to enlarge) :

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