Painting an emotion in watercolor

New year, but same habits ! And for this first video of 2019 (sorry for not posting any video last week !), i wanter to paint a cityscape where emotion takes the first place.

As you can see it, between my reference picture and my final painting, there is a big difference in the feeling of it. My picture was taken during spring this year, with a beautiful weather. But, on the contrary, in my painting, i’ve add my feelings about Stockholm during winter. The sadness of the short daylight, the sky eternally overcast, the humidity… Maybe this example is a bit too contrasted. But this way i can show you that, no matter the photo you use, you can always add your way of seeing things. And maybe during this spring i’ll paint this same picture again and i’ll end with a totally different painting with another atmosphere !

Painting an emotion in video

Peindre une émotion à l'aquarelle - VERSION FRANÇAISE

As i say it in the video, the choice of colors here is very important in order to convey the feelings you want. But composition is important too ! In the study on the left side, you can see that my painting is a bit dull. I’ve used exactly the same colors as in the video. But the composition is slightly different in the video and gave another weight to the elements. With the new composition, i achieve a painting where the shapes are connected and “talking” to each other. It didn’t take drastic changes : a horizon line lower, more contraste in the size of shapes… And here you have it !

Brushes : Escoda Último 1″ flat, Raphaël petit gris le “803” nº2, Silver brush Black velvet 1/4″ dagger shape.
Paper : Arches rough 300gsm.
Colors : Ultramarine blue (Daniel Smith), Permanent alizarine crimson (Daniel Smith), Viridian (Schmincke).

And here you have the finished painting (click to enlarge):

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