My setup for plein air painting with watercolor

This week i want to talk about my setup for plein air painting and especially about my travel palette. And it take this opportunity to paint a landscape !

My palette is called Portable Painter. It’s a very compact palette : it’s the same size than my phone but just thicker. Once the two dark plastic part are removed (they can be used as water pot), we are in front of a tiny 12 half pans palette. And here you have the colors inside :

  • Aussie red gold, Daniel Smith
  • Quinacridone gold, Daniel Smith
  • Viridian, Schmincke
  • Carbazole Violet, Daniel Smith
  • Ultramarine blue, Daniel Smith
  • Sépia, Daniel Smith
  • Nickel azo yellow, Daniel Smith
  • Rose madder lake, Sennelier
  • Quinacridone burnt scarlet, Daniel Smith
  • Lavander, Daniel Smith
  • Manganese blue, Daniel Smith
  • Verona gold ochre, Daniel Smith

The big plus of this palette is that i can change the color scheme as i want thanks to the removable half pans. So i have other half pans of colors in my stash and i can swap them according to my inspiration of the moment or the season.

Apart my palette, my setup consist in a sketchbook with watercolor paper (100% cotton if i can), a pencil case with watercolor pencils, pencils and travel brushes, a rag, few paper clips and a collapsible paper pot. And of course a water bottle with water so that i can paint ! I try to keep it minimal so that my setup can fit in my bag and is not too heavy.

My setup for plein air painting in video

My setup for plein air painting with watercolor - ENGLISH VERSION

Supplies :
Brush : Raphaël petit gris 903 nº2
Paper : Sketchbook USK watercolor Sennelier
Colors : Ultramarine blue (Daniel Smith), Manganese blue (Daniel Smith), Sepia (Daniel Smith), Aussie red gold (Daniel Smith), Carbazole violet (Daniel Smith), Verona gold ochre (Daniel Smith).

And here you have the finished painting (click to enlarge) :

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