About me

Portrait - Ursula SchichanHello everyone, my name is Ursula et i’m a watercolor painted since almost 4 years. I’m also a graphic designer et i worked in a advertising agency for 6 years. I’ve learned to paint in watercolor almost alone. And it’s by watching a lot of video on Youtube that i’ve really improved. Now it’s my turn to record videos and explaining what i’m doing ! I’ve started my channel in november 2017, at first just to have a journal of my way of painting. And now I really enjoy recording those videos and it helps me to challenge myself !

I’ve also discovered that i love to share my passion for watercolor by this Youtube channel but also during workshops I lead in my local association. I’m convinced that everybody can paint and that the process of creation is for everybody.

You can check my painting here, But also on my instagram account and of course on my Youtube channel ! Follow me on this social media !